Introducing: The Community Voices Series

Join us in learning from and celebrating champions of culture transformation

Meet the Inaugural Community Voice!

Learn about our first champion of culture transformation: Dr. Neila Miled, the new Anti-Racism Advisor

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The Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is excited to introduce Community Voices, an online series through which members of our community can share their hopes and ideas to support the transformation of our culture.


Our goal: to create and sustain learning and work environments that are respectful, inclusive, diverse, equitable, anti-racist, and non-discriminatory


The Faculty of Medicine has identified transforming our culture as a priority. Our aspirational work and leaning environments are both inclusive and diverse. This means we must broaden representation, encourage participation, and be open to other perspectives. The work of systemic and interpersonal change takes place in a space of learning and humility.

We Want to Hear From You!

We invite members of the community to connect and collaborate with REDI. You can participate directly by:

  • Writing a post for the Community Voices series
  • Telling us about work or projects supporting these goals
  • Identifying a champion or early adopter of culture change

To bring about meaningful change we need each member of our community to be committed and involved. Contact REDI

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