Learning Resources

General Learning Opportunities

LinkedIn Learning

UBC staff and faculty have free and unlimited access to linkedinlearning.ubc.ca, which offers thousands of video tutorials on business, creative, and technology skills.

PGME Learning Environment Modules
Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Medical Education

Faculty and residents have access to resources for discussion as well as improvement in efforts to realize an optimal learning environment for all. The resources address learning environment related topics by describing a scenario to explore and providing questions to facilitate conversations.

Inclusive Learning Environments and Teaching

Resources for Faculty: Inclusive Teaching @UBC
UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Resources for Inclusive Teaching including introductory online modules, resources and case studies.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Teaching and Learning online module
UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and the Equity & Inclusion Office

This course was created for instructors in all disciplines who are interested in developing their capacity to create more inclusive classrooms and learning environments, but are not sure of where to start. The content is also relevant for anyone who is involved in teaching and learning in higher education, including Teaching Assistants, educational developers, or staff who support instructors.

Inclusivity in the Learning Environments online module
Faculty of Medicine Office of Faculty Development & Educational Support

This module is informed by the Faculty of Medicine expectations for an inclusive environment, and provides guidance for faculty, learners and staff on how to address actions that are not aligned with those expectations, particularly from the perspective of bystanders or witnesses. It provides an introduction to inclusion is intended to promote inquiring discussions that result in collective learning about inclusive practices.

Anti-Racism Teaching and Learning Resources

B.C.’s Black History
UBC Beyond

To understand B.C.’s Black history, connect past and present

Anti-Racism Resources
UBC Faculty of Education Teacher Education Office

Resources on Anti-Racism, Black Lives Matter and Black-Led Community Organizations to Support

Anti-Racism in Academia
UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

The authors have developed a list of key considerations for educators wishing to cultivate anti-racism and solidarity.

Hiring Equity

EDIFY (Equity Diversity Inclusion For Years ) online module
UBC Continuing Professional Development

This is a short online course designed for faculty and senior leadership at UBC on search committees. This course will provide an overview of how to conduct a fair and thorough search for new faculty members and senior leadership while minimizing bias and conflict of interest by following a process and using clear search criteria.

Equity Considerations in Virtual Interviews
UBC Equity & Inclusion Office

With hiring processes moving online as a result of COVID-19, many are wondering how to ensure equity and inclusion in the selection process.

Hiring Equity Canvas course
UBC Equity & Inclusion Office

This training and collection of resources aims to support search committees in their efforts to recruit and hire excellent faculty and staff, through a fair and equitable process.

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity
UBC Equity & Inclusion Office

Content is designed to help students, staff, and faculty learn about different aspects of gender diversity and to find information about UBC’s systems, policies, and practices.