Indigenous Initiatives

“Reconciliation is the act of making amends, but the process cannot begin without first being aware of the past and the wrongs committed and apologizing for the harms caused. The UBC Faculty of Medicine acknowledges the imposed colonial policy of the Canadian Indian Residential School system, the suffering that it brought, and its enduring impact on the individuals, families, and communities touched by it.

We formally apologize to all those affected for the role we have played in causing and perpetuating the damage done by this system, whether through direct or indirect means or by our silence. We also acknowledge that the health inequities suffered by Indigenous Peoples today are a consequence of this egregious history and its continuing legacy.”

Faculty of Medicine Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action

We recognize that there is no one size fits all solution to the systemic and behavioural issues within our learning and work environments. We will use an intersectional approach to address cross-cutting and common issues while recognizing that each marginalized or oppressed group has a unique history that must be acknowledged and inform actions tailored to the needs of the group as defined by the group.

The Faculty of Medicine is hiring a Director of Indigenous Engagement and has hired an Indigenous Initiatives Advisor, Derek Thompson – Thlaapkiituup, who will work with REDI to implement the Faculty commitments in response to the TRC Calls to Action.

Additional content will be added to this section once these positions are filled. We welcome comments and suggestions for this space.

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