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Learners, faculty, staff, and clinicians with disabilities are faced with unique challenges in their work and learning environments. They are faced with implicit or explicit messages that they don’t belong.

To explore this, drawing on data from a 3-year study that explored the difficulties and resources of people with disabilities who work in Canadian healthcare settings, Dr. Tal Jarus and her interdisciplinary team created a play to bring the study participants’ stories to life and to invite audience members to reflect on what they can do to change minds and become allies for disabled healthcare professionals.

As part of the It Starts With Us series, the Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) partnered with Dr. Tal Jarus and her research-based theatre team to explore these issues in an interactive, virtual event. Please note, a recording of this event is not available.


10 Tips for People with Disabilities from People with Disabilities

10 Tips for Allies of People with Disabilities from People with Disabilities

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