The Community Voices Series: Lisa Renaud

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In this edition of the Community Voices series, meet Lisa Renaud: our latest champion of culture transformation.

Lisa is a medical student in the Southern Medical Program in Kelowna who also serves as the program’s Indigenous Health Representative. She is creating exciting programming, which you can read more about and register for below. Take a few moments to learn more about Lisa, in her own words.

If an individual has the tools, I believe they are able to provide more culturally sensitive care and this can improve patient experiences in the healthcare system.

Give us a quick description about who you are:

I am Métis and a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation. I am currently located in Kelowna, BC on Syilx territory while I am studying medicine at UBC’s Southern Medical Program. I am in my second year of the MD Program and previously completed a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours), both at UBC Okanagan. I enjoy doing yoga but often I can be found outside either hiking, jogging, cycling, paddle boarding, playing pickleball, skiing, or walking my two dogs.

How have you been engaged with culture transformation?

While receiving student feedback as part of my role as the Southern Medical Program Indigenous Health Representative, it was brought to the attention of all the Indigenous Health Representatives that there was a need for practical suggestions to support our colleagues in their cultural humility journey. Therefore, myself and Alix Wells then began planning the webinar titled “Cultural Humility and Allyship: Change Starts with Me”, which will be taking place on November 4, 2021.

It is a 3-hour webinar hosted by Shannon Beauchamp (Migizi Miigwan Equae) and will cover a variety of topics for all members of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to work with Alix and Shannon and while it was not always easy to do off the side of our desks, I am very excited to be attending the event.

What you would like to see change in the community?

For me, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health. While I have no practical suggestions at this time, I would like to see an increase in mental health supports within the community.

What do you hope will change as a result of your work?

I hope that the webinar will provide practical tips for all attendees to better equip them in their cultural humility journey. If an individual has these tools, I believe they are able to provide more culturally sensitive care and this can improve patient experiences in the healthcare system.

Which skill has proved the most important?

Being organized has been helpful for me. I rely on my calendar to make the most use of my time outside of class.

What is your favourite spot in BC?

My Southern Medical Program colleagues will not be surprised by my answer that my current favorite spot is Big White Ski Resort. I recently started skiing and love spending time on the mountain. Tofino is a close second.

What is something that you want us to know about you?

I took an interest in healthcare quality improvement in my first year of medical school and I was fortunate to work over the summer as a quality improvement (QI) student intern at St. Paul’s Hospital through the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council. I had a fantastic experience and I am incredibly inspired by my colleagues at Providence Healthcare and the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council. I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge them while also encouraging my colleagues to look into QI.

Join the Event

Cultural Humility and Allyship: Change Starts With Me

November 4, 2021 | 6:00 – 9:00 pm

This presentation for all members of the Faculty of Medicine community will include practical tips to support you on your cultural humility journey. This interactive webinar will be led by facilitator Shannon Beauchamp (Migizi Miigwan Equae), who will introduce key concepts regarding Cultural Safety, including cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural competency, cultural humility, relational practice, trauma and intergenerational trauma, trauma stewardship, accountability, and allyship. View the poster

Register here

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